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Trucker Resources

A BIG part of being a Got Coverage customer is knowing that you are part of a team! A team that is devoted to ensure you are safer than the average trucker driving next to you. The new ELD regulations are harsh and don't allow you to go about your day that you normally would. Now you have to plan your trips ahead of time and stop when the tablet suggests you need to stop. 

Due to this we have created an easy access section of our website for all trucking insurance customers to use for their benefit. Here you are able to find the following information to help you on your daily journey:

  • Rest Areas => in the continental United States (go ahead and rest a little you've earned it).

  • Breakdowns => Find help when you need it most and are in a tough situation.

  • Trucker Rules => Find out what your are supposed to adhere to when you are on the road with ease.

  • S.A.F.E.R. System => Is your company active? Find out here by doing a simple search.

Rest Areas

We know that you have to stay compliant when you are on the road. Use our tool to find your nearest rest area in the continental US.


Small town or big city repairs are not a problem. Find a truck repair shop near you to get a quote on your type of breakdown.

Trucker Rules

Having easy access to rules and regulations is the most important compliance tool out there. Check out the FMCSA Rules here.


Here you can lookup your FMCSA Registration and find out if you are compliant with insurance requirements, permits, and more.

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