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Are you a safe driver?

There are a lot of safe driving tips that you can have but some are more important than others. We, at Got Coverage, believe that everyone should at least do the basics to ensure safer driving. We all know that some accidents you just can't prevent but the truth is that many of them you can prevent by following these safety tips.

1. Don't Text and Drive. 

We all know that when you phone has a notification you will have an urge to check it out and respond quickly. Put your phone far away out of reach or connect it via bluetooth to your car to have spoken notifications.

2. Obey the speed limits.

Public streets and highways are not places that are meant for you to test the top speed of your vehicle. Keep to the speed limit because speeding is still a major cause of fatalities on the roads today.

3. Don't drive under the influence.

Don't drink and driver. Everyone has heard this at least 10 times in the last year but many drivers still keep drinking and driving under the influence. Here are the facts that you should know. Your reflexes are slower. People around you are in danger. Most of all, you are in danger. Just don't do it!

4. Wear your seatbelt.

Let's make a deal! You wear your seatbelt for 3 weeks every time you get in the car and you will see that it will become a nice feeling and a habit. You will not be able to feel comfortable driving without it. On the other side your life will be much safer because even at 20mph you are at risk of serious injury.

5. Ensure you are aware of what is going on while you are stopped or moving.

This is what we mean by this:

1. Check your mirror before driving and often while you are driving.

2. Clean your windshield.

3. Avoid the blind spots of vehicles next to you.

4. Grip your steering wheel properly.

5. Look far ahead and study the conditions.

Got Coverage wants you to stay safe out there. We don't want anyone to find themselves in a horrific situation. For more information please do not hesitate to comment or contact us.

Got Coverage Inc

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