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Agency Customer Apps for your mobile phone/tablet

With the changes in the technology and all the advancements that we have seen in the last 10 years. -

=> Tablets are the new paper.

=> Electronic Signatures are convenient.

=> Texting is better than talking.

=> and the need to 24/7 access to information when you need it most.

With all of these advancements in technology a new need was created to get things moving faster and more efficiently. So we asked out selves a few questions and determined a solution for our customers.

We have two apps to offer to our customers and here they are!

App 1 | Insurance Agent App

Since we are an Independent Insurance Agency your policies might be with different companies. Most insurance companies nowadays have their own apps that you can download but you are locked in to see only that one policy. With our app all your insurance policies you have through Got Coverage Inc are in one please. Is that great or what?

Here are some of our awesome features!

  • Quick Agency Access

  • Electronic Auto ID Cards

  • Easy Bill Pay 

  • Auto Accident Claims Kit 

  • Claims Connections

  • Document Storage *Easy Inventory - A must do for every Property and Business

  • You can text our Agency through the app and get an agent at any time.

App 2 | AcordOne Certificates

This app is exclusively for our Trucking customers to help assist with Insurance Certificate Requests. This app allows you to issue your own certificate when you need it instead of waiting for us to issue a certificate for you. Let's face it! When a load is pending even 5 minutes extra wait will determine if you stay on the load or now. We, at Got Coverage, want you to stay on that load.

Here are some of our awesome features!

  • Quick online or phone/tablet access

  • View all issued certificates

  • Issue current certificates with todays date

  • Email Certificates directly from the app

  • Even send a certificate with Amazon Echo devises if you are lazy to type it up.

If you don't have the app or apps installed on your devise please reach out to one of our Agents and we will help you get setup so you can see all your Insurance Policies in one place. It is a great world we live in and Got Coverage made it a little better and easier for you.

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