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How to get a trucking insurance quote!

Whether you are on the go or not you are ale to get a quote with ease through Got Coverage. Making things as simple as possible is what we are about.

Let us walk you through the quote process.

  1. Submit our Trucking Agency application.

  2. We will review it the same day and see if anything else is missing.

  3. Then we will submit your quotes to over 11 companies.

  4. We will have the prices from at least two companies the same day and the rest will be within 72 hours from the time your information is received.

  5. Then we will collect the down payment and activate your insurance policy.

  6. Finally, we will give you the documents you need to operate and submit the necessary filings.

We work around the clock to ensure that all the information is sent timely, effectively and correctly to our underwriters. This always ensured quick turnarounds and affordable insurance quotes.

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